Jared McKinney


While he was still in high school in OhioBrian Olive was the guitarist in a band called Us and Them that released a four-track tape.  The garage rock band called the Greenhornes that included some members of Us and Them was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio by Craig Fox (guitar and vocals), Jack Lawrence (bass guitar), Patrick Keeler (drums), Brian Olive (guitar), and Jared McKinney (keyboards).  The group relocated to Detroit and released two albums in their original incarnation, Gun for You (1999) and The Greenhornes (2001).  Brian Olive left the band to join Soledad Brothers before the second album was released, and Jared McKinney also departed the following year; Olive was replaced by guitarist and vocalist Eric Stein.  This line-up of the Greenhornes released an album called Dual Mono in 2002.  Eric Stein left in 2002 to join the Griefs, leaving the three core members – Craig FoxJack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler – by 2003


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Brian Olive regained his name and sought to be in a band where he was the one calling the shots; that normally means a solo career.  His debut album, Brian Olive came out in 2009 on Alive Records (the same label as the last album by Soledad Brothers).  Brian Olive provides lead vocals and plays guitar, piano and woodwinds.  Backing musicians include his old friends Jared McKinney and Craig Fox of the GreenhornesMike Weinel (formerly of Heartless Bastards), and Dan Allaire, who has been the drummer for the Brian Jonestown Massacre since 2002.  Also there was a vocal trio assembled for the sessions composed of the Kadish Sisters and Donna Jay


(February 2015)

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