Jack the Ripper

Link Wray is credited with inventing the power chord (part of the basic language of modern rock guitar); and, together with his band the Ray MenLink Wray scored hit songs like Rumble, “Rawhide” and “Jack the Ripper” (which was given new life when it made the soundtrack for the remake of Breathless that starred Richard Gere).   
(June 2011)
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Ultimately Rumble” was released in 1958


Several of Link Wray’s other singles had similarly aggressive names:  Jack the Ripper, “El Toro”, “Roughshod”, “The Stranger”, etc. 


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As it happens, I have a live album by Link Wray from the same time period as the original Link Protrudi and the Jaymen, called Live in ’85 that includes several of his early classics like Jack the Ripper and “Rawhide”.  


(February 2013)


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