I Got Nothing 12

(I GOT) NOTHING (12" Single)

While I don’t have Metallic K.O. yet, I do have a CD single by the Stooges on Skydog Records called (I Got) Nothing.  According to Discogs, it is a 1989 reissue of a 12” single also called (I Got) Nothing that came out in 1977 – the year after the original Metallic K.O. album – that had “Gimmie Danger” (the song name is actually “Gimme Danger”) on Side 1, and “Heavy Liquid” and “(I Got) Nothing” on Side 2.  Gimmie Danger is described as being different from the version on Metallic K.O.
Based on the listings in Discogs – and there are 24 of them for Metallic K.O. and 6 for (I Got) Nothing – nearly all of the Stooges releases on Skydog Records are vinyl.  Interestingly, while the cover of my copy of (I Got) Nothing is basically the same as on the 12” single of (I Got) Nothing, the disc itself is marked “Metallic K.O.” and shows the same catalogue number – 622332 CD – as their double CD reissue of Metallic 2xK.O. the previous year. 
(December 2017)
Last edited: April 3, 2021