Howard Gloor

Under Appreciated


Homer released an album called Grown in U.S.A. in 1970.  Bandmembers by that time were Phil Bepko (vocals), Frank Coy (vocals), Galen Niles (lead guitar), Howard Gloor (lead, steel guitar), Gene Coleman (drums), and Chet Himes (bass).  The music ranged from psychedelia to progressive rock, with instruments that included a Mellotron.  Christopher Cross – who had several hits in the early 1980’s including “Sailing” and got the Grammy in 1980 for Best New Artist – also had some involvement with the album.  (Christopher Cross was born on May 3, 1951, same as me!).
(September 2011)
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For their next single, Homer went to Walt Andrus’ recording studio in Houston.  By this time, Pat Cosgrove had exited and was replaced on second guitar by Howard Gloor.  The next single was another original song (also written by Galen Niles) called “Sunrise”; this single too had little success. 


(April 2014)
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