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The Under Appreciated Rock Band of the Month for June 2017 is the Loons, a self-described “psychotic beat music” band founded by Mike Stax – editor of Ugly Things magazine and a former member of past UARB the Crawdaddys. They have been around more than 20 years – a lot longer than I had thought – and arose from the ashes of two other San Diego bands that Mike Stax helped start, the Tell-Tale Hearts and the Hoods. I anticipate naming the Tell-Tale Hearts as a UARB within the next couple of posts; that would give me an Under Appreciated “hat trick”
* * *
Besides the Loons, and according to Discogs, Mike Stax (real name: Michael Dixson) has been in several other rock bands over the years: past UARB the Crawdaddys, future UARB the Tell-Tale Hearts, the Hoods, Evil Eyes, and the Barons. These bands were active in the 1990’s except for the first two.  
* * *
Mike Stax (vocals) evidently first formed the Loons with Eric Bacher (guitar, organ) – who was lead guitarist for the Tell-Tale Hearts from 1983 to 1986 – and John Chilson (drums) of the Hoods, plus Andy Rasmussen (bass guitar); or at least, that is the earliest line-up that I have been able to find on-line. 
(June 2017)
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