Hollis Brown Album

Under Appreciated




(Debut self-titled album, Hollis Brown by this month’s UARBHollis Brown, released in 2009 on Vibe Theory Records) 


The bandmembers are native New Yorkers and originally included Mike Montali (vocals and guitar), Jon Bonilla (guitar), Mike Wosczyk (bass), and Mike Graves (drums and percussion).  Their first release is an eponymous album, Hollis Brown that came out on Vibe Theory Records at the beginning of 2009.  In 2012, the band released a couple of singles and an EP, Nothing and the Famous No One; and then their new album, Ride on the Train (with Dillon Devito replacing Mike Wosczyk on bass) was released on Alive Records this year.  For some odd reason, I have seen every all three of these records described as their “debut” album. 


(May 2013)


Last edited: March 22, 2021