Henei Ma Tov

Henei Ma Tov  (or Hine Ma Tov) is a Jewish hymn traditionally sung at Shabbat feasts.  (More from Wikipedia)

Spirit’s biggest hit song was a rousing rocker called “I Got a Line on You”, which was released in November 1968.  The accompanying album, The Family that Plays Together is one of my favorite American albums of the 1960’s


The album includes an unusual track called “Jewish” that is sung in Hebrew.  Like “Taurus”, Jewish was written by Randy California; he had been raised in a Jewish home.  According to a post by Jewish Business News, the lyrics are taken from a traditional song called “Henei Ma Tov” (or “Hine Ma Tov”) that is based on Psalm 133 (one of the Psalms of David). 


(November 2014)


Last edited: March 22, 2021