Haymarket Square

Under Appreciated

I was finally unable to keep up the monthly schedule earlier this year. I could see it coming; issuing the Notes was taking longer and longer, with my August post not coming out until after Halloween. I had decided earlier in the summer that I am going to try to keep up a quarterly schedule after this year: December, March, June, and September. They are just taking too much time to write and are coming out too long. I was also getting sloppy: There was a perfectly good Wikipedia article on Haymarket Square, but I hadn’t even bothered to look there to see if there was one until I had already finished writing that post. Additionally, I was having trouble keeping up the enthusiasm; for instance, after writing about the songwriting angle on the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I knew that I should follow up with posts on the Who and the Kinks. Maybe that will come at a later date. I am more than halfway through the post for December 2015, so it won’t be long before that one comes out.
(Year 6 Review)
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Ten years ago, in December 2009, I wrote the first of my 82 posts on Under Appreciated Rock Bands, i.e., rock bands (and artists) who did not have a write-up as yet in Wikipedia. It wasn’t much to look at, just four short paragraphs, but I got a lot wordier and more wide-ranging as the years went by. I had hoped to keep this up for at least 5 years, if not 10 years; as it happened, my last post was dated December 2017 – 8 years later, and 2 years ago.
For two of the Under Appreciated Rock Bandsthe Rip Chords (who had a major hit in the surf era with Hey Little Cobra) and the Iguanas (punk icon Iggy Pop’s first band, and the reason that he came to be called Iggy) – I managed to write my post literally the month before someone started a Wikipedia article on them. For another two – the Piltdown Men and Haymarket Square – it turns out that there was already a Wikipedia article on them; for the latter band, I just plain forgot to look! And one of the UARB’s, Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters was not even a rock band – and I just found a Wikipedia article about them also, so I suppose I didn’t look closely enough when I started that post either. But I don’t care at this point: They are all Under Appreciated, from one end to the other, even for the handful who do have a Wikipedia article these days.
(Year 10 Review)
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