Glyn Johns

Glyn Johns  (born 15 February 1942) is an English musician, recording engineer and record producer.  (More from Wikipedia)
My bootleg album by the BeatlesKum Back turned out to be a remarkable piece of vinyl:  an early mix of their final album, Let it Be as recorded on acetate in August 1969 that was put together by Glyn Johns and with apparently minimal involvement by George Martin, who had produced virtually all of the other Beatles records.  (An acetate disk is a low-quality type of phonograph record that is normally intended only for temporary use; it wears out quickly if played repeatedly).  The title Kum Back I figure is sort of a takeoff on two 1969 Beatles singles, “Come Together” and “Get Back”; also, Get Back was the original working title for the Let it Be project, meant to be “a return to the Beatles’ earlier, less complicated approach to music” (as expressed in Wikipedia).  As an illustration of this, the photograph for the planned cover for Get Back was taken in the same location as the one on the Beatles’ first British album, Please Please Me, and the cover had a similar design.  
(September 2017)
Last edited: April 7, 2021