Galaxy 500

Galaxy 500  is the third studio album by alternative rock band Fetchin Bones.  It was released in 1987 through Capitol Records.  (More from Wikipedia)

When I first arrived at the ruins of our home after Hurricane Katrina, I picked up a mud-covered disk that turned out to be a Fetchin Bones album – Galaxy 500 as I recall.  I laid it back in the grass and then noticed when I was leaving that it had warped into a flower shape.  With the baking sun beating down on hundreds of albums strewn across our yard and our neighbors’ yard (where most of the debris from our home wound up), I was at a loss as to how any of those albums could be saved. 


As it turned out, my mistake was to flip the album over when I laid it back down; the soaking-wet album covers and the mud were fairly effective protection until I could gather the albums together and stack them in our neighbors’ carport.  I returned dozens of times and was continually amazed when I found ever more albums tucked into every possible corner of the yard and bushes and foundation and creek.  Bad PumpkinFetchin Bones second album is the only one of their albums that I have cleaned up so far; I hope there are others to come. 


(February 2014)


Last edited: March 22, 2021