Frank Zincavage


The name Romeo Void might not ring a bell, but you more than likely remember the lyric "I might like you better if we slept together" from their 1981 hit "Never Say Never".  However, there is a lot more to this band – and to "Never Say Never" for that matter – than that salacious lyric.  Lead singer Debora Iyall (Cowlitz) moved to the Bay Area in order to attend the San Francisco Art Institute.  She and two fellow students, Peter Woods and Jay Derrah formed a tongue-in-cheek 1960's revival band called the Mummers and the Poppers (a takeoff on the name of the Mamas and the Papas).  Iyall then began incorporating music into her poetry and performance-art pieces and started working with Frank Zincavage, a bass guitarist who is also a sculptor. 


Romeo Void was formed by Debora Iyall, Frank ZincavagePeter Woods, and Jay Derrah on Valentine's Day 1979. 


(August 2013)


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