The Electrical Banana

Under Appreciated


While this line-up never recorded another album, the Crawdaddys secured their place in the rock firmament with their next two releases (both on Voxx Records):  the single “There She Goes Again b/w “Why Don’t You Smile Now” in early 1980, and an EP called 5 x 4 in August 1980.  For my money, “There She Goes Again is the one Velvet Underground song (written by Lou Reed) that is tailor-made to be covered by other bands.  There is an obscure cover of “There She Goes Again” by the Electrical Banana in 1967 which is mentioned by Wikipedia; this is not the same band as the Electric Banana that was a pseudonym for the Pretty Things over several years.  However, the only other cover version of “There She Goes Again” that I know of is by R.E.M.; and Peter Buck acknowledges that their recording is inspired by the Crawdaddys version.  “There She Goes Again is included on the Bomp! Records compilation CD Straight Outta Burbank, and that is where I learned about the song.  The “B” side, “Why Don’t You Smile Now was co-written by Lou Reed and John Cale but pre-dates their involvement with the Velvet Underground; “Why Don’t You Smile Now was originally released on a 1965 single under the name the All-Night Workers


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