Delta Blues Shuffle

Most of the 13 songs on Wild Love had never previously been released in the U.S. even as bootlegs; most of the Stooges bootleg albums and unofficial releases were made in Europe.  According to the song listing, more than half of the songs – “Wild Love”, “I Come from Nowhere”, “Delta Blues Shuffle”, “Old King Live Forever”, “Look So Sweet”, “Mellow Down Easy”, and “Move Ass Baby” – are “never before released in any form, anywhere!”   This is a bit over-stated; the album’s liner notes mention other versions of some of these songs that have been bootlegged elsewhere.
Some of the cuts on Wild Love are jams by the Stooges (with or without vocals).  The sketchiest ones, shown on the song listing as Delta Blues Shuffle and Old King Live Forever, were extracted from a 30-minute jam by the band with Iggy Pop beginning to mumble ideas as James Williamson tried to follow them on the guitar.  Old King Live Forever really isn’t a song yet, though it could have become one if the band had given it more attention.
(December 2017)

Last edited: April 3, 2021