Danny “Furious” O’Brien

Greatly Appreciated

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Joan Jett then placed an ad in L.A. Weekly saying that she was “looking for three good men” (a play on the advertising campaign of the U. S. Marine Corps at the time).  John Doe of X sat in on bass guitar during the audition sections; and he mentioned Gary Ryan, a bassist that he knew who was crashing on his couch at the time.  Ryan was a long-time fan of the Runaways and was picked after Joan Jett recognized him.  Gary Ryan in turn recommended guitarist Eric Ambel; they had both been playing with a local punk rock artist named Rik L. Rik.  Rounding out the band was drummer Danny “Furious” O’Brien, who was in the San Francisco punk band the Avengers, whose frontwoman was Penelope Houston.  Joan Jett’s band was named the Blackhearts after the name of her record company Blackheart Records, and not the other way around. 


(November 2013)


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