Dandelion Wine

Under Appreciated


After Homer started getting some better gigs, they pressed a 45 in mid-1968, with a Willie Nelson song “I Never Cared for You” backed with an original composition called “Dandelion Wine”.
(September 2011)
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After numerous gigs in the dance circuit in and around San AntonioHomer decided to put out one of their best received songs, Willie Nelson’s I Never Cared for You as their first single, backed with a Homer original called Dandelion Wine(written by Frank Coy).  Galen Niles’ dad knew Howard Edwards, the morning DJ at KONO, and he got their single on the radio in San Antonio.  Later, another local station, KTSA began playing the song as well, and they sold about 5,000 copies before they were even approached by a manager, never mind a record company.  Galen Niles revealed in a 2002 interview given on lysergia.com:  “The record peaked at number 2 in San Antonio on KONO’s Top 40.” 
(April 2014)
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