Craig Packham

Under Appreciated

In 1989the Tell-Tale Hearts reformed with another line-up for a one-off single “Circus Mind” b/w “Flying” on Nevermore Records (in a limited release of 800 copies), with personnel Bill Calhoun (lead vocals, harp), Mike Stax (bass), Ron Swart (organ), Jon McKinney (rhythm guitar), Carl Rusk (lead guitar on Circus Mind), Paul Carsola (drums on Circus Mind), and Craig Packham (drums on Flying).  A tribute by Phil May of the Pretty Things that I found online says of Circus Mind:  “The Tell-Tale Hearts’ recording of ‘Circus Mind’ picks up on echoes of early electric Dylan (as in Bob), which I’ve always thought ran through our version. . . .  They’ve turned what was just a vignette in the Pretties’ version into a whole song that drives the distance.” 
(September 2017)
Last edited: March 22, 2021