Colossus Records

Colossus Records  was an American record label founded in 1969 by Jerry Ross, who had also founded Heritage Records the year before.  Like Heritage, Colossus was distributed by MGM Records.  It released a number of hits by Dutch groups such as The Shocking Blue, the George Baker Selection, and Tee Set, and by Crystal Mansion.  The Chicago horn band The Mob released their first album under the guidance of Jerry Ross in 1970.  Colossus Records closed its doors in 1971.  (More from Wikipedia)
After being dropped by Capitol Records, Crystal Mansion finally added a bass guitarist, Billy Crawford and released a single in 1970 for Colossus Records, the same label that released records in America by the Dutch band Shocking Blue, including their mega-hit Venus, also in 1970. The 45 was released under the name Crystal Mansion Featuring Johnny Caswell, with the “A” side being the James Taylor song “Carolina in My Mind” and an original song (by Johnny Caswell and Sal Rota) called “If I Live” on the flip. When Collectables Records reissued the 1971 album The Crystal Mansion on CD in 1994, Carolina in My Mind was included as a bonus track.
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