The band was among several in an outfit called La-Di-Da Productions; I think they were also based in Brighton.  On a blog called, there is an interview with Mark “Sparky” Marrable, who was a member of another La-Di-Da band called How Many Beans Make Five.  He said that Liquid Faeries started out as four women; one male guitarist and bass player was added later.  Then after playing one gig with the band, Kate Van Orden asked Marrable to join so he could bring  “a commercial element to the songwriting”.  


Mark Marrable said of the demise of the Liquid Faeries:  “The band split when Ann (Suzanne) [Murrell] left and we replaced her with an over trained jazz drummer who couldn’t get the hang of it, and the two couples in the band also split!  Very messy.” 


(February 2014)


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