Cicadelic Records


Two CD’s featuring the Human Expression and also solo recordings by Jim Quarles have been released by Cicadelic RecordsLove at Psychedelic Velocity (1994) and The Human Expression & Other Psychedelic Groups (2000). The first CD is named after their best known song, Love at Psychedelic Velocity (actually more of a garage rock song that has remarkable changes in tempo), which is included on the Pebbles, Volume 10 LP and also the first Nuggets Box Set.  Optical Sound – whose title likely refers to synesthesia, when the human senses are sometimes scrambled during an LSD trip – actually appears on more than twice as many compilation albums.  


Their sole album, The Human Zoo came out in 1970 on Accent Records, the same label as the Human Expression.  Cicadelic Records released an exact reproduction of the album in 2010, using the original master tapes. 


(July 2015)


Last edited: March 22, 2021