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Chuck Dukowski  (born Gary Arthur McDaniel; February 1, 1954)  is an American punk rock musician, best known as a founding member and bass player for Black Flag.  Dukowski wrote some of Black Flag’s most popular songs, including “My War”, “What I See”, “I’ve Heard It Before”, and “Spray Paint”.  He left the band before the release of “My War”, and afterward served as Black Flag’s manager.  Dukowski was also the co-owner of SST Records until 1990, after which he served as “Head of Sales” until leaving the label in the late 1990s.  (More from Wikipedia)
Dead Hippie didn’t make it, sadly, but Simon Smallwood later joined a band called Würm, which does have an article in Wikipedia.  The band is described as “sludge metal” and was originally active from 1973 to 1977; Smallwood joined up for a short time in 1983.  Bass player Chuck Dukowski was a founding member of Würm and would later join the seminal hardcore punk band Black Flag
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Madeline Ridley of SS-20 has a short performance called “Monitoring Madeline for Two Decades and Other Scenes” on a double-LP compilation album of alternative rock, spoken word, and poetry called English as a Second Language (1983) that has an amazing 84 cuts.  Others represented on the album include Charles BukowskiDave Alvin of the BlastersJohn Doe and Exene Cervenka of XHenry Rollins and Chuck Dukowski of Black FlagTito Larriva of the PlugzSusanna Hoffs of the BanglesJeffrey Lee Pierce of the Gun Club, record producer Craig Leon, prominent DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, and Kim Fowley.
Her work is also on two other similar compilation albums, Voices of the Angels (Spoken Words) and Neighborhood Rhythms (Patter Traffic) that feature many of the same artists and were released in the same time period. 
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