Children of the Future

Children of the Future  is the debut album by American rock band Steve Miller Band, released in 1968 by Capitol Records.  The album was produced by notable British record producer/engineer, Glyn Johns, who would go on to produce another successful American band: The Eagles.  (More from Wikipedia)

One of my most memorable musical moments in college was when a friend introduced a roomful of us to Sailor (1968), the second album by Steve Miller Band.  The opening track, “Song for Our Ancestors” is a lingering psychedelic rock instrumental that features frequent blasts from a foghorn, a sound that has fascinated me since I was a little boy.  I acquired several of their albums over the years, including their first album, Children of the Future.  I had no idea what the weird blobs on the cover were until I saw a small black and white photo of the gatefold album cover and realized that they blocked off the edges of letters spelling out the album name, “Children of the Future”. 


(June 2014)


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