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In 1999, the original line-up of Certain General, including Phil Gammage reunited for an album called These Are the Days that was recorded in the CBGB club’s basement studio for Hilly Kristal’s CBGB Records.  The French label Fantastica Records officially released the album, and the band mounted a tour of France accompanied by the Fleshtones, a band that came along with the early punk and new wave bands but was basically a garage rock band. 


Here follows a reprint of the Trouser Press Record Guide (4th Edition) listing for the SourMash family of bands. Though slightly garbled, it presents a fairly accurate overview of our thing in the 1980’s.

Steve G.  



Holiday of Love EP (Labor1982 

November’s Heat (Fr. L’Invitation au Suicide1984 

     Reissued w/ bonus tracks (Fr. New Rose1990; (Alive) 1999; (Fr. Fantastica2002 

These Are the Days (Fr. New Rose) 1986 

     Reissued w/ bonus tracks (Fr. Fantastica 1999

Cabin Fever (Fr. Barclay1988 

Jacklighter (Fr. Barclay) 1990 

Signals From the Source (CBGB1999 

Closer To the Sun (Fr. Fantastica) 2000 

Live At the Public Theater (Fantastica US2001 

An Introduction to War (SourMash USA2002 

Invisible New York (Easy Action UK2008 


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