Catch the Wind

Greatly Appreciated

“Catch the Wind”  is a song written and recorded by British singer-songwriter Donovan.  It was released as a single in the United Kingdom on March 12, 1965.  “Catch the Wind” was the first release by Donovan.  It reached No. 4 in the United Kingdom singles chart and No. 23 in the United States Billboard Hot 100.  The single version featured Donovan’s vocals with echo and a string section.  The song was re-recorded for Donovan’s first album What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid, without the vocal echo and strings and with a harmonica solo added.  (More from Wikipedia)

Donovan’s first single “Catch the Wind” was released a full year before Eight Miles High, though his first song with a psychedelic vibe is “Sunshine Superman”, which came out in July 1966


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