Bunky and Jake

Barely Appreciated


Bunky and Jake  were an American folk-rock duo, who were a part of the New York folk music scene in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Andrea “Bunky” Skinner and Allan “Jake” Jacobs (who later formed Jake and The Family Jewels, a duo with Jerry Burnham), met in 1962 at the School of Visual Arts in New York and performed in the Greenwich Village folk circuit.  After the Magicians disbanded in 1967, Jacobs and Skinner signed with Mercury Records, releasing their 1968 debut album, Bunky & Jake.  (More from Wikipedia)
Following the break-up of the Magicians in 1967, Alan Gordon and Garry Bonner became successful songwriters, particularly with the Turtles; they composed two of the band’s biggest hits, “Happy Together” and “She’d Rather Be with Me”.  Allan “Jake” Jacobs later recorded as Bunky and Jake, and also as Jake and the Family Jewels.
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