Apatosaurus  is an extinct genus of sauropod dinosaurs that lived in North America during the Late Jurassic period.  It was originally described in 1877 when Othniel Charles Marsh named the first known species, Apatosaurus ajax, and several more species have been discovered since.  Brontosaurus is now considered a junior synonym of Apatosaurus, its only species having been reclassified as A. excelsus.  The average length of an Apatosaurus was 22.8 m (75 ft), and their average weight was at least 16.4 metric tons (18.1 short tons).  (More from Wikipedia)
Interestingly enough, the iconic dinosaur Brontosaurus referenced in the biggest American hit by the Piltdown Men, “Brontosaurus Stomp” is also a mixed-up fossil; though in this case, unlike the Piltdown Man, it was unintentional.  The largest dinosaur skeleton found up to that point in time (1879) became the first mounted sauropod (in 1905 at the Peabody Museum at Yale University) and was described as being Brontosaurus.  Despite being nearly complete, the skeleton was missing the skull, so one was provided from another dinosaur called Camarasaurus (the actual head turned out to be more like that of Brontosaurus’ cousin, Diplodocus).  However, subsequent scientific investigation very early in the 20th Century revealed that this skeleton (sans the wrong head) was actually an adult example of the Apatosaurus, which had been discovered and described two years earlier using a juvenile example; “Brontosaurus” was then demoted to a synonym.  Still, every dinosaur book I looked through as a kid had the “thunder lizard” pictured and described along with StegosaurusTyrannosaurus rex,Triceratops, and all the rest. 
(October 2010)
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There are several videos by the Piltdown Men on YouTube, though it is certainly not surprising that all are audio-only; the band was anonymous after all.  Their big hit “Brontosaurus Stomp” is available at: ; there is also a slide show with shots of the “thunder lizard on display.   
(October 2012)
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Note:  Research made and published in 2015 suggests that Brontosaurus might be a separate species from Apatosaurus after all. 
(February 2017)
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But I likely will keep putting out what I call the “Story of the Month” (I have my web pages broken down into short “Items” and longer “Stories” on whomever or whatever I am talking about) that I uncover as I load up the web site. These Stories are on well known (well, better known anyway) songs and albums and rock bands and other topics that are not of the Under Appreciated variety. I started those last year and meant to list the ones in my year-end post last time but forgot, so here is that list from the past two years:
December 2013The Standells 
January 2014 – (skipped)
February 2014Hasil Adkins 
March 2014Bobby Darin 
April 2014Nuggets 
May 2014The Nerves 
June 2014The Outsiders (American band)
September 2014The Piltdown Man and Brontosaurus 
October 2014Walter/Wendy Carlos 
November 2014The Trashmen 
December 2014John Birch Society Blues 
January 2015John Mellencamp 
February 2015Child Is Father to the Man 
March 2015Dion DiMucci 
April 2015Scotch and Soda 
May 2015Stiv Bators/Greg Shaw 
June 2015Walk on the Wild Side 
July 2015Lola
August 2015Bob Dylan the Protest Singer
(Year 6 Review)
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