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As with my first UARBBeast, I had a tough time finding any videos by Waterlillies on YouTube; but there are several. 
(June 2012)
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I play the albums by the UARA’s and UARB’s frequently and am always struck by how great they sound.  With few if any exceptions, they aren’t just another hard rock band or garage rock band or folk/rock artist – they have a distinct sound that I simply love.  For many – such as Beast (whose first album is playing now), the Not Quitethe Uglythe UnknownsChimera, and Thomas Anderson, to name a few – they don’t sound like anyone else that I am familiar with.  


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My first post (on December 1, 2009 – they have been showing up very late in the month recently) was on Beast, a 1960’s “hippie-flavored” rock band that was introduced to me through a friend of a friend back while I was still in high school.  On my third post, about the 1960’s garage rock band Cyrus Erie, I expanded the post to talk about the band more in context – in this case, as part of the 1960’s Cleveland music scene.  Thus, in most cases I not only had to come up with a band that had no Wikipedia article yet (or only a “stub” at least), I wanted to find some aspect of music that I could talk about at the same time that hopefully had some sort of a connection to the UARB or the UARA


(Year 5 Review)


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