Back Off Boogaloo

Highly Appreciated

“Back Off Boogaloo”  is a song by English musician Ringo Starr, released as a non-album single in March 1972.  Starr’s former Beatles bandmate George Harrison produced the recording, which took place in London shortly after the two had appeared together at Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh shows in August 1971.  The single was a follow-up to Starr’s 1971 hit song “It Don’t Come Easy” and continued his successful run as a solo artist.  “Back Off Boogaloo” peaked at number 2 in Britain and Canada, and number 9 on America’s Billboard Hot 100.  It remains Starr’s highest-charting single in the United Kingdom.  The title for the song was inspired by English singer-songwriter Marc Bolan.  “Back Off Boogaloo” demonstrates the influence of glam rock on Starr, who directed a documentary film, Born to Boogie (1972), about Bolan’s band T. Rex around this time.  (More from Wikipedia)
Ringo Starr arguably has had the most successful post-Beatles career.  His first solo album, Sentimental Journey is a collection of pre-rock standards; made mainly to please his parents, he is one of the first rock musicians to attempt to cover these earlier styles of music.  After a country collection called Beaucoups of BluesRingo Starr settled back into rock music and made a series of excellent albums that spawned nearly as many major hit songs as his three better-known bandmates combined:  two #1 singles, “Photograph” and “You’re Sixteen” plus “It Don’t Come Easy”, “Back Off Boogaloo”, “Oh My My”, “Only You”, and “No No Song”. 
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