The Arcs

The Arcs  are an American garage rock band formed by Dan Auerbach, the guitarist and vocalist of the Black Keys.  Auerbach announced this side project after performing on the Governors Ball in 2015.  The group’s first album, Yours, Dreamily, was released on September 4, 2015.  Members include Leon Michels, Nick Movshon, Homer Steinweiss, Richard Swift, and Kenny Vaughan.  (More from Wikipedia)
The terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 included a shooting by three men armed with assault rifles inside the Bataclan Theatre during a concert performance by Eagles of Death Metal, claiming 89 lives. Dan Auerbach and his band the Arcs had a concert in Paris on the same night at another nearby venue, Le Trianon
About this experience, Dan Auerbach said: “I know people that were there last night. I know people who are like, ‘What am I gonna do – see the Arcs or the Eagles of Death Metal?’ And I’ve woken up feeling very out of sorts. What do you call it, survivor’s remorse? Why the hell did it happen there and not where we were playing? I’m just so brokenhearted about all those people.” 
(June 2017)
Last edited: April 3, 2021