Animal Logic

Animal Logic  is the name of a band (and its eponymous first release) formed in 1987 by ex-Police drummer Stewart Copeland, virtuoso bassist Stanley Clarke, and singer-songwriter Deborah Holland.  The group recorded two albums under the auspices of Police manager Miles Copeland III before disbanding, with nearly all the songs recorded supplied by Holland.  Copeland’s former bandmate in The Police, guitarist Andy Summers, was also a member of the group in its initial stages when it was known as Rush Hour, but he left following a short Brazilian tour in late 1987 prior to the recording of the first album.  (More from Wikipedia)
When it became clear that Sting would not be returning to the fold, the two remaining members othe Police, Stewart Copeland and, briefly, Andy Summers formed a band in 1987 with Deborah Holland and virtuoso bassist Stanley Clarke that was initially called Rush Hourafter Summers exited the group, the name was changed to Animal LogicHolland, however, supplied nearly all of the songwriting for the band. 
(January 2010)
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