Angel  is a Glam Rock and heavy metal band from Washington, D.C., formed in the mid-1970s by Punky Meadows and Mickie Jones.  They had the image of dressing in white.  Angel was discovered by Kiss bass player Gene Simmons performing at a nightclub and was eventually signed to the same label as Kiss, Casablanca.  (More from Wikipedia)
Fergie Frederiksen has enjoyed a long, prosperous and highly varied career in music.  After he left Trillion, he was involved with a disco movie called Can’t Stop the Music, featuring Village People.  While working on its soundtrack album Can’t Stop the Music at Casablanca RecordsFrederiksen met Gregg Giuffria, whose heavy metal band Angel (another Casablanca artist) had recently broken up.  Angel was sort of the anti-KISS, dressing in all white for instance; they never made it big but had a strong following and released several albums.  Together with bassist Ricky Philips, they discussed the possibility of forming a new Angel line-up and laid down three tracks in late 1981.  These songs were later released on a compilation album Angel Rarities.  In 1995Fergie Frederiksen and Ricky Philips released an album in the name, Frederiksen/Philips
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