Album #2

Album #2 – also known as The Outsiders Album #2 or simply #2 – is the second studio album by the Outsiders.  This LP is more of a “blue eyed soul” album than Time Won't Let Me.  (More from Wikipedia)
Until Chicago came along with their Roman numeral series, the Outsiders had perhaps the most boring series of album names of the time:  Besides the first that was named for their hit song, Time Won't Let Me – and was originally going to be called simply The Outsiders – the others were Album #2, The Outsiders In and Happening Live!.  
(February 2010)
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For the most part, the bands on the Pebbles albums were completely unknown to practically everyone when they came out, but a few were virtually unknown songs by better known bands.  Pebbles, Volume 9 features a track by the Outsiders, to my mind a first-rate American band that had a big hit with “Time Won’t Let Me” and released several more singles, along with four albums.  If memory serves, Greg Shaw oversaw a Collector’s Choice compilation (or something like that) of the Outsiders music – I assume for Capitol Records, since that is the label that originally released their music.  I have all of their albums except Album #2; despite the boring album names, their stuff is really good.  


(July 2013)

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The Cleveland music scene has long fascinated me; rock bands from the future home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame included the Choirthe Outsidersthe James Gang, and the punk rock band the Dead Boys.  I had picked up a more comprehensive album of songs by the Choir, called Choir Practice, and also an album of material by the Starfires, the predecessor band to the Outsiders who still had that name when they were trying to line up the release of their major hit song “Time Won't Let Me”.  More recently, many years after locating their other three albums, I finally found a copy of Album #2, considered by most rock critics to be the best album by the Outsiders.
(December 2017)
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