ABC-Dunhill Records


ABC Records  was an American record label, founded in New York City in 1955 as ABC-Paramount Records.  ABC Records purchased Dunhill Records in the summer of 1967, forming 
ABC Dunhill Records.  In 1979, ABC Records was acquired by MCA Records for the sale price of $30 million.  (More from Wikipedia)
Phil Kelsey, previously the front man for Phil and the Franticsand Steve Dodge – who had been the lead guitarist for another popular local band, the Vibratos – drifted around PhoenixLos Angeles and Las Vegas; they called themselves Phil Mark Five and, with the addition of Bobby Blood on trumpet, formed a band called the Babies (not the same band as the 1970’s British band the Babys).  They landed a record deal with ABC-Dunhill Records in 1969 and also toured with several major acts of that period, including Three Dog Night and Blues Image.  The band released three 45’s, though none went anywhere, and they later learned that the album would not come out after all. 
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