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In 1960, four young men from southwest Hampshire assembled themselves as an R&B band, first taking the name the Stallions and then settling on the name the Lonely Ones in January 1962.  The initial line-up was Jerry Bromley (bass guitar), Tony Good (guitar), Johnny Keeping (vocals), and Chris Warman (drums).  As noted above, Jim Sach joined as rhythm guitar, and Ray Taylor helped out as a second vocalist and roadie.  Gene Anthony was added as a permanent second vocalist in the summer of 1962.  The band went through several drummers between the summer of 1962 and August 1963 and made an appearance on June 17, 1963 on a local TV show called Home Grown


In August 1963the Lonely Ones “went pro”, losing Jerry Bromley in the process, so Jim Sach switched to bass guitar; otherwise, through the beginning of 1964the Lonely Ones were back almost to its original line-up:  Tony Good (guitar), Johnny Keeping (vocals), Gene Anthony (vocals), Chris Warman (drums), and Jim Sach (bass guitar). 


Gene Anthony and Chris Warman left the band in January 1964; and in March 1964, Don Shinn was added on organ.  His strong keyboard work was essential to the band’s sound from then on.  The Lonely Ones officially changed its name to the Soul Agents on April 2, 1964.  The bandmembers were Tony Good (guitar and harmonica), Johnny Keeping (vocals), Jim Sach (bass guitar). Don Shinn (organ), and Roger Pope (drums).  


The same night that their third single was released (February 19, 1965), the Soul Agents (but without Rod Stewart) appeared on the storied British music television program, Ready Steady Go!.  Johnny Keeping left the band immediately after the taping to care for his ailing father and take over the family business. 


In April 1965Jim Sach also exited the band and became an accountant, leaving the Soul Agents with just three members plus Rod Stewart.  


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In 1972, three previous members of the Soul Agents – Jerry BromleyJim Sach and Johnny Keeping – were in a new band called Tapestry


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