Mean Woman Blues

MEAN WOMAN BLUES (Cliff Richard and the Shadows)
“Mean Woman Blues”  is a 12-bar blues song written by Claude Demetrius.  It was first recorded by Elvis Presley as part of the soundtrack for his 1957 motion picture, Loving You.  In 1959, Cliff Richard and The Shadows recorded a studio version on their Cliff Sings album.  (More from Wikipedia)

On June 2, 1964the Soul Agents released their first single on Pye RecordsI Just Wanna Make Love to You b/w Mean Woman Blues.  Mean Woman Blues is also an oft recorded song; Elvis Presley included “Mean Woman Blues” in the soundtrack for his 1957 film, Loving You (his first starring role in a movie), and “Mean Woman Blues” was the flip side of Roy Orbison’s immortal “Blue Bayou” when the song was originally released in 1963.  In the U.K.Cliff Richard and the Shadows had released “Mean Woman Blues” in 1959


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