What Is Life

Highly Appreciated

"What Is Life"  is a song by the English musician George Harrison, released on his 1970 triple album All Things Must Pass.  Harrison co-produced the recording with Phil Spector, whose Wall of Sound production also employed a prominent string arrangement by John Barham and multiple acoustic rhythm guitars, played by Harrison's fellow Apple Records signings Badfinger.  An uptempo composition in the soul genre, "What Is Life" is one of several Harrison love songs that appear to be directed at both a woman and a deity.  Harrison wrote the song in 1969 and originally intended it as a track for his friend and Apple protégé Billy Preston to record.  Built around a descending guitar riff, it is one of Harrison's most popular compositions and was a regular inclusion in his live performances.  Rolling Stone magazine has variously described it as a "classic" and an "exultant song of surrender".  (More from Wikipedia)
While "All Things Must Pass" was never released as a single, George Harrison had another hit from the All Things Must Pass album called "What Is Life". 
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