Mother of Mystery

Under Appreciated

One song on Laugh in the Dark by the Invisible Eyes is really special, “Mother of Mystery”.  After the first few spins, I was convinced that the reference is to the Blessed Mother Mary; and my wife Peggy Winfree (a cradle Catholic) agrees.  The lyrics talk of “send me away with your burning wine” (which could refer to Holy Communion); and there is something about “your love is a stormy ocean”.  There is also a Catholic term that Peggy picked up in the lyrics, though I am not sure what it is.  The mood of the song is different from the rest; there is a more respectful tone to this song for sure.  To me, it sounds like someone who grew up as a Catholic and who knows that there is something there that is very real but elusive – thus, she remains the “Mother of Mystery”.  I might be completely misinterpreting the song, but I don’t think so – I haven’t been able to find the lyrics on line, and it is hard to understand them in the song itself. 
(December 2012)
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There are several videos by the Invisible Eyes on YouTube; only Monster Beat though has been viewed much – at – and evidently I was the first to view Mother of Mystery: .  I have difficulty with searches on YouTube, and maybe others do as well.  Additionally, numerous videos (maybe the majority) don’t have any sound on my computer at home for some reason.  I just updated Flash Player, and it helped get ones by Cyrus Erie to play, but not these for the Invisible Eyes.  


(December 2014)


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