Under Appreciated

MONA (The Iguanas)
In the spring of 1965, the Iguanas put out their first single, a cover of the Bo Diddley song “Mona” on their own Forte Records label. At the same recording session, the first ever James Osterberg original song was recorded, “Again and Again”.
The LP by the Iguanas that I have – at least I hope I still have it; it hasn’t shown up yet among the albums from the Katrina mud – The Iguanas came out in 1996 on Norton Records, showing the band posing in shades with matching hitchhiker thumbs. (I have had about a four-year hiatus from cleaning up those albums, but it is going to end by next month!). Norton has also reissued the Iguanas 45 Mona with the original b-side “I Don’t Know Why” and also the Iggy Pop original Again and Again that was planned to be on the second pressing of the single before he exited the band.
The copy advertising the album on the Norton Records website says: “Iggy Pop's first band! Screamin’ eighteen song foot long slab o’ legendary Michigan garage punk bad attitude mayhem rounds up the sole Iguanas 45 ‘Mona’ / ‘I Don’t Know Why’ with Iggy’s first composition (the snarlin’ ‘Again and Again’), his first vocal (‘Louie Louie’) plus over a dozen crude demos 1963-64 in full color cover with liner notes.”  
(December 2016)
Last edited: March 22, 2021