Katherine Kennicott Davis

Katherine Kennicott Davis  (June 25, 1892 - April 20, 1980) was a composer, pianist, and author of the famous Christmas tune “The Little Drummer Boy”.  (More from Wikipedia)
In addition to Each One Heard in His Own LanguageI can probably count the number of choral albums in my collection on one hand, though they include some of my all-time favorites.  The album Little Drummer Boy by the Harry Simeone Chorale is one; this is where most people heard one of my favorite Christmas songs, “Little Drummer Boy” for the first time, though the song (originally called “Carol of the Drum” and written in 1941 by Katherine Kennicott Davis) had previously been recorded by the Trapp Family Singers.  Then there is Christmas Hymns and Carols by the Robert Shaw Choralethe Christmas album passed down from my parents that we always played while we decorated the Christmas tree.  I finally got a second copy of the album for them – a reissue on Pickwick Records called Joy to the World – when I couldn’t bear the numerous skips any longer, though Mom and Dad still usually got out the old one. 
(September 2014)
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