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Guitar Player  is an American popular magazine for guitarists, founded in 1967 in San Jose, California, United States.  It contains articles, interviews, reviews and lessons of an eclectic collection of artists, genres and products.  It has been in print since the late 1960’s; and during the 1980’s, under editor Tom Wheeler, the publication was influential in the rise of the vintage guitar market.  The magazine is currently edited by Michael Molenda.  Guitar Player is a part of the Music Player Network.   (More from Wikipedia)
As was common back then with instrumental bands, the musicians in the Piltdown Men were anonymous.  On sax was Scott Gordon, while the guitar and sometimes bass were often handled by Tommy TedescoTedesco has been described by Guitar Player magazine as the most recorded guitarist in history and is part of a beyond-legendary group of session musicians that were behind many of the biggest hits of the 1960’s and 1970’s who became known as the Wrecking Crew.  Denny TedescoTommy’s son created a 95-minute documentary on these unsung heroes of rock and roll called The Wrecking Crew that has been shown at several film festivals and received a glowing tribute on National Public Radioyet still criminally languishes without commercial distribution.  
(October 2010)
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The second album by IsisAin’t No Backin’ up Now featured a guest appearance by June Millington; she has been described by Guitar Player magazine as the hottest female guitarist in the business.  June Millington and her sister, bass guitarist Jean Millington had previously been part of another band called Fanny, which was the third all-female rock band to be signed by a major record label and the first to have a significant body of work. 


(October 2013)

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